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ReSound Key

Unlock better hearing on a budget

Better hearing all around

ReSound Key have a technology that supports better hearing in noise. This helps you hear the important sounds better. You can still hear what is going on around you while listening to the important sound. With ReSound Key, your hearing will feel more natural with less listening effort. This means that you will not have to work too hard when trying to listen or focus on something.

Individualize your experiences

ReSound’s intuitive, easy-to-use ReSound Smart 3D app is designed for Apple and Android devices so you can make convenient adjustments on the go.
  • Control volume and background noise, as well as speech and sound programs
  • Find your hearing aids if you misplace them
  • Check the rechargeable battery power level

Get Hearing Care Anytime

Stay in touch with your hearing care professional with ReSound Assist remote hearing care options

  • Get updates to your hearing aids sent straight to your smart device as a simple download
  • Have live video consultations for support, counselling, hearing assessments and adjustments

A Solution That Grows With You

ReSound Key allows you to live your life, communicate and connect with people and the world the way you want.

To find out if this is the right hearing aid for you, give us a call or click the button below to schedule a free, no obligation consultation right now.