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Welcome to Wichita Falls Hearing

We provide exceptional hearing health care and hearing aid technology to the people of Wichita FallsGrahamVernon and nearby North Texas.

We're HERE To Help You HEAR

We are Expert Hearing Specialists

With extensive experience and the best equipped hearing aid facility in Texoma, our commitment is to your results.

We are dedicated to actual hearing improvement

Unlike many in this profession, we aren't just "salesmen". It's more unusual than you would think.

We have a passion for service

When dealing with us, you'll notice that our service to our patients is second to none.

real ear measurement being performed
Donovan Hickman performs a repair on a hearing aid in the lab at Wichita Falls Hearing
About Wichita Falls Hearing

We Provide Essential Services For Hearing Care

Day in and day out, we help our neighbors hear better. More importantly, we help them communicate and connect with the other great people of our city.

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Our Hearing Care Services

Online Hearing Test

Curious about your hearing? Take our free online hearing test to get an idea of how you are hearing in minutes.

Hearing Aids

We’ve come a long way. This isn’t your grandmother’s hearing aid (but maybe it could be, if she needs some).

Hearing Aid Service

Didn’t get your hearing aids from us? We won’t hold it against you. We’re happy to help.

Hearing Loss Info

Researching hearing loss? Click here for the information you need.

Health Insurance

Some policies cover the full cost of hearing aids. Does yours? Find out.

Get Price Quote

Looking for a price quote or to see if we can beat a price?

Hint: We probably can.

Make an Appointment

We believe that better hearing leads to a better life.

Our process

we are here to help you hear.

As truly independent hearing aid experts we are able to consult with you about your hearing loss and your goals, and help you to select the right level of technology for your individual case. 

  • 1. Book a Free Appointment

    We'll conduct a comprehensive exam and educate you on your hearing fingerprint.

  • 2. Evaluate Options

    We work with every major manufacturer. We'll work with you to find the hearing devices that are best for your situation.

  • 3. Fit Instruments

    We will fit you with your hearing devices using scientific best practices.

  • 4. Follow up care

    A series of follow up visits will make sure your hearing aids are working well, and you have the information you need to get the most out of them.

a digital ear scan being performed
Best Hearing HealthCare

Trust Us To Be There For You

Locally Owned

Trusted Hearing Experts

60 Day Risk Free Trial

Fair Pricing

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What Patients Say About Us

I’m so glad I found these guys. They’ve made a big difference in my hearing, and it’s really cool controlling my hearing aids with my cell phone!

Ron Berry Veteran and Musician
Ron Berry- Local Hearing Hero- Wichita Falls Hearing

Now I can hear my wife, my employees, speakers at meetings, and birds singing in the neighborhood. My hearing life is so much better now! Thank you Wichita Falls Hearing!!

Syd Litteken Architect, Business Owner, and Nonprofit Board Member
Syd Litteken

I sit on several boards and committees, and not being able understand what everyone was saying was a real handicap. Because of hearing loss due to loud noises and machines in the construction business, along with being the music industry, I sometimes found myself a bit confused, irritated, and at a disadvantage. Thanks to Wichita Falls Hearing, I feel more able to cope with hearing loss.

John Dickinson Contractor, Business Owner, and Nonprofit Board Member
John Dickinson

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