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Does My Health Insurance Cover Hearing Aids?

Does Your Health Insurance Cover Hearing Aids?

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Let's find out!

Your health insurance may cover hearing aids. Many people in Wichita Falls with employer based or supplemental insurance have great coverage that may cover hearing instruments at little to no out of pocket cost. There are literally thousands of health insurance plans out there. We’d be happy to look into your coverage options.

You’ll need to grab your health insurance card to supply the information for this form.  Fill out the form below, and we’ll contact your insurance carrier and find out what they will cover. Whether your insurance covers you or not, you are under NO obligation to purchase ANYTHING from us just because we checked your coverage.

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If you would rather not fill the form out-  no problem! We're more than happy to do this over the phone! Just give us a ring at 1-833-999-1940