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Advanced Fitting Services

At Wichita Falls Hearing, our hearing care equipment and practices are among the best in Texas, and our hearing experts are constantly training to improve and expand their skills.  

WE invest in superior testing and fitting technology.

YOU get superior results with hearing aids.


Free, No Obligation Consultations

Curious about your hearing?

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Either way, we’re happy to perform a complete evaluation at no charge and discuss your needs and our solutions. We pride ourselves in our expertise and comfortable, no pressure environment.

Hearing Exam

Using digital audiometric equipment for accurate results, we test your ability to hear sounds and understand speech, and explain the results to you so that you are in control of your hearing.

video otoscopy being performed

Video Otoscopy

Our high definition ear camera will let you see exactly what’s going on in your ear canal on our wall mounted flat screen display.

real ear measurement being performed

Real Ear Measurement

This is a critical procedure in the fitting of hearing aids that many providers skip. Optimal results are achieved using science. By measuring the performance of your hearing aids using probe microphones, we can precisely fit hearing instruments to your prescription. 

a digital ear scan being performed

3D Ear Scanning

Custom hearing devices can now be created with a precise fit utilizing a painless 3D scan of the ear.

The first technology of its’ kind in wichita falls, this system produces more accurate fitting hearing instruments than ever before, without the need for manual ear impressions. 

The scan of your ear canal is converted into an STL file, and a laboratory uses this file to 3D print a custom instrument just for you. 

A Hearing Aid repair lab

Hearing Aid Repairs

We can repair most models of hearing aids. Most repairs can be completed on site in our fully equipped lab.

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