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Free Hearing Tests at Wichita Falls Hearing

What's Involved in a Free Hearing Test from Wichita Falls Hearing?

Video Otoscope Inspection

Nobody knows how to use a video otoscope in Wichita Falls better than our team! We'll use a tiny high-definition camera to see if there's anything blocking your ear. We'll hook it up to a flat-screen monitor so you can see everything clearly. You'd be surprised just how much hearing you can lose from a build-up of earwax, fuzz, and other particles blocking the way.

Ear Cleaning

Whether we determine your hearing loss is due to blockage or we need to test further for other problems, we'll go ahead with an expert ear cleaning. Through our premium, safe, and quick ear cleaning services in our Wichita Falls location, we are more than capable of removing any excessive wax. Don't worry! This service doesn't cost you a dime if you're coming in for a hearing test (we charge $49 if you're coming in for the sole purpose of an ear cleaning). We need a clean ear to get an accurate test, so it's included!

Air and Bone Conduction Pure Tone Audiometry

Don't let the fancy name throw you off. This part of the examination is quick, pain-free, and - most importantly - highly informative. With this advanced piece of machinery, we can determine what exactly you're hearing and whether your middle ear is the source of the problem. This critical part of the ear is where hearing aids are placed to help people restore their hearing.

Speech Audiometry

If you feel like you hear things loud enough, but have a hard time understanding words in Wichita Falls, you're in the right place! Our free hearing tests are completed with a complimentary speech audiometry test which determines if your brain is comprehending the speech signals sent from your ear. Sometimes, hearing problems are deeper than the ear itself, and this test makes it possible to see if the problem is somewhere else.

Why Choose Wichita Falls Hearing?

With decades of combined experience, our team has helped hundreds of individuals – young and old – improve their hearing for an enhanced quality of life overall. We have the expertise, resources, and tools necessary to deliver premium-quality hearing examinations and hearing aid solutions. We just need an hour of your time to make a lasting impact on your life.

There’s nothing more uncomfortable than working with so-called “hearing specialists”. We all know the type – lab coats, false advertising, shady tactics, and wordy language. The Wichita Falls Hearing team operates in complete transparency so you always know what to expect. We’re happy to answer all questions along the way to keep you informed and up to date.

Helping people improve their hearing loss isn’t just our job. It’s our passion. All of our team members are personally invested in helping you improve your hearing. You won’t find a more committed, determined, and friendly team in the industry! We’re here to help you restore your hearing and quality of life.

Hearing Issues in the US: The Numbers

Think you might be experiencing hearing loss or hearing issues? You’re not alone! It’s a common problem affecting millions of people of all age groups and backgrounds. Here are some stats to give you a perspective on this issue:

Around 15 million US adults between 18 and older report struggling with some sort of hearing trouble.

Roughly 2.5 out of every 1,000 kids in the US are born with some form of hearing loss in at least one ear.

Age is the most reliable predictor of hearing issues among adults.

Beginning hearing loss treatment is most often among individuals 60 to 69-years-old.

Adult men are nearly twice as likely to experience hearing loss when compared to women of the same age.

An estimated 28.8 million adults in the US could benefit from treating their hearing loss.

Anyone who thinks they are having hearing issues should schedule a free hearing test.

The great thing about our free hearing tests in Wichita Falls is that anyone can benefit from them. That’s right! Whether you’re in retirement, in the midst of a career, studying in college, or even a parent of a grade-schooler, any individual can fall victim to hearing issues. The key is to solve the problem quickly before it gets worse.


With our free hearing tests, you can determine the root cause of your hearing problems quickly and effectively. No more inefficient troubleshooting, expensive quick fixes, or plain ignoring the problem. We’ll conduct an extensive hearing test to pinpoint the precise issue and help you find the best solution for restoring your hearing. Sounds pretty good, huh?

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