Hearing Aid Fitting and Programming

a man having his hearing aid performance evaluated with Real Ear Measurement

Anyone can sell you a hearing aid. However, your success with it will depend on the hearing aid fitting and programming.

But, it takes skill and knowledge to program one well. Also, it takes discipline to use best practices with every person we fit to ensure success. We have 28 years of combined real word hearing science experience. Dusty, Donovan, and Derek all have a background in electronic sound technology going back to early childhood. Additionally, Dusty even holds two hearing aid related patents.

Our hearing aid fitting and programming process includes:

Real Ear Measurement Results
  • A complete physical fit check and custom modifications in our on-site lab
  • Verification of performance using Real Ear Measurement
  • Adjustments based on your real world experiences and preferences
  • The ability to program your instruments specifically for the voice of a loved one with Live Speech Mapping
  • Regular follow up care to ensure hearing success
  • Annual hearing test updates and reprogramming based on changes

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A simple, painless hearing test can help determine your type of hearing loss.

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