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Welcome to Wichita Falls Hearing. Our Mission is to provide exceptional hearing health care and hearing aid technology to the people of Wichita FallsGrahamVernon and nearby North Texas. 

We are locally owned and operated

Because of this, we don’t just help you hear better. We also work with you and other local leaders here in Texoma to improve the community that we serve.

How Can We Help?

Hearing Loss Gauge

Curious about your hearing? Take our free online hearing test to get an idea of how you are hearing in minutes.

Audeo Marvel

We’ve come a long way. This isn’t your grandmother’s hearing aid (but maybe it could be, if she needs some).

Wichita Falls Hearing can service or repair almost any make or model of hearing aid

Didn’t get your hearing aids from us? We won’t hold it against you. We’re happy to help.


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Health Insurance

Some policies cover the full cost of hearing aids. Does yours? Find out.

How much are hearing aids?

Looking for a price quote or to see if we can beat a price?

Hint: We probably can. 

We carry leading hearing instrument technology from a number of manufacturers including ReSoundPhonakSonic InnovationsStarkey, and Signia (formerly Siemens Hearing Instruments). This is because each of these manufacturers has strong suits, and no one manufacturer of hearing aids is the ideal solution for all users.

As truly independent hearing aid experts we are able to consult with you about your hearing loss and your goals, and help you to select the right level of technology for your individual case. If you’ve ever seen a hearing aid specialist or audiologist and they only gave you one brand option to choose from, you probably weren’t dealing with an independent. 

You are an individual. No one else is just like you.

We’ll help you find the hearing system that is right for YOU.

We aren’t here just to sell you a hearing aid…we are here to help you hear

Solve Your Hearing Problems with Hearing Aids in Wichita Falls, Vernon, and Graham TX

Wichita Falls Hearing is dedicated to providing outstanding hearing aid technology and hearing health care for residents of Wichita Falls, Vernon and the surrounding areas. Our locally owned and operated business promises to care for your specific needs so you can get back to living your life as normally as possible.

What Can Hearing Aids Do for Your Life?

At Wichita Falls Hearing, we have more than 500 models of hearing aids to choose from, but how can they help you? When you visit us, you will participate in a hearing test to see what type of hearing aid could benefit you. Our hearing aid clinic wants to fit you with the best hearing aids possible, so you can enjoy a high quality of life and hear the beautiful sounds you enjoy again.

Process of Getting Hearing Aids

When you meet with our hearing aid specialist in Wichita Falls & Vernon, they will discuss all your options and go through the hearing aid fitting process. You’ll also learn about hearing aid care and what to do when you need hearing aid repair. Our goal is to ensure you’re comfortable and confident with your new hearing aids.

Work with an Independent Hearing Aid Expert

Wichita Falls Hearing is an independent hearing aid expert, which means you can get the hearing aids that work for you. We don’t just want to sell you on a brand of hearing aids; we want to make sure you can hear perfectly!

Reach out to us today to schedule an appointment with a hearing instrument expert and experience clear, reliable hearing again.


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