Charitable Support

Wichita Falls Hearing is a proud supporter of these great organizations.

Rest assured that we are dedicated to actively improving our community and our world. We encourage you to reach out to these great groups with your support as well.

Backdoor Theatre

Backdoor Theatre’s mission is to promote the performing arts through education, leadership development, and volunteerism while providing quality entertainment to the Greater Wichita Falls area.

Established in 1971, Backdoor Theatre was originally in the basement of the Weeks Mansion at Kell & Harrison.  Theatre patrons entered through the door around back, which created the name “Backdoor Theatre”.

Backdoor Theatre provides performing arts opportunities and top notch entertainment in the Wichita Falls area, and we are proud to support them!

Downtown Wichita Falls Development

The Downtown Wichita Falls Development organization was created to assist in preservation of buildings, sites, and historical, traditional or cultural values; to perpetuate customs and traditions which seem to beautify and enrich the community life of Wichita Falls;   to disseminate knowledge, promote interest and act in an advisory capacity to interested groups, property/business owners, investors or developers interested in the revitalization of Downtown Wichita Falls.

Although our office is not located downtown, we believe a healthy downtown is the soul of any city, and revitalization of downtown is good for all of us.

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