Local Hearing Heroes

Local Hearing Heroes

The real story at Wichita Falls hearing isn’t really even about us. It’s about our friends and neighbors in our community. Regularly, we help real people in Wichita Falls perform better at work, communicate with the people they love, and fully participate in life. You may not know it, but well over 1,000 of our friends and neighbors in Wichita Falls trust us with their hearing. Take a look at the great people on this page that rely on us, and when you’re ready to join the local hearing heroes, give us a call at 1-833-999-1940 or click here for an appointment.

Brian Walser

Brian's Plumbing

Brian, a Wichita Falls Hearing Hero

“Wichita Falls Hearing takes care of my hearing, so I can run my business and live my life”

-Brian Walser

About Brian

Brian came to us with hearing issues years ago. As the owner of Brian’s Plumbing and active member of the community, it’s important that Brian is able to hear his best in person, in noisy environments, and on the phone. Brian has benefitted from our advanced hearing technology with hearing aids that have a direct bluetooth connection to his cell phone. Also, his hearing aids are so discreet, no one would even know he was wearing them, if he didn’t tell them. However, he’s so happy to be hearing better that if you talk to him, he’ll probably tell you anyway. 😉

John Dickinson

The Iron Horse Pub

John Dickinson

It was brought to my attention a few years ago, that I needed to look into some help for my hearing loss. I sit on several boards and committees, and not being able understand what everyone was saying was a real handicap. Because of hearing loss due to loud noises and machines in the construction business, along with being the music industry, I sometimes found myself a bit confused, irritated, and at a disadvantage. Thanks to Wichita Falls Hearing, I do feel more able to cope with hearing loss and other things associated with the loss. Truly a great business and very knowledgeable and helpful staff!

-John Dickinson

About John

As busy contractor, an owner of the Iron Horse Pub, and an active member of the community, John’s hearing issues were becoming troublesome for him.

We were excited to help him get the most out of life again with a discreet pair of hearing aids that wirelessly connect to his phone.

Syd Litteken

Syd Litteken Architects

Syd Litteken

“I thought I could hear until I got these hearing devices and I realized I had only been hearing 1/2 of everything.  Now I can hear my wife, my employees, speakers at meetings, and birds singing in the neighborhood.  My hearing life is so much better now!  Thank you Wichita Falls Hearing!!”

-Syd Litteken

About Syd

Syd had been having trouble hearing for years, which was more evident to the people around him than it was to him. A local architect, non profit board member, and owner of Syd Litteken Architects he’s constantly on the go, in meetings, on the phone, and is active in his church. We selected and fit a pair of wireless connected hearing for Syd and his results have been great! He can talk on the cell phone and hear in meetings again, and we’re here for him when he needs us.

Ron Berry

Retired Veteran

Ron Berry- Local Hearing Hero- Wichita Falls Hearing

“I’m so glad I found these guys. They’ve made a big difference in my hearing, and it’s really cool controlling my hearing aids with my cell phone!”

-Ron Berry

About Ron

Ron came to us a few years ago. He had a history of noise exposure as a former musician and race car mechanic. Also a former sailor in the US Navy, he was getting his hearing aids from the VA. We stepped in to help with some more advanced hearing aids that connect directly to his cell phone with a precision fitting, and he’s doing great!