About Wichita Falls Hearing

It's not really about us.

First of all, the real story of Wichita Falls Hearing is not about us, it's about the community we serve. Day in and day out, we help our neighbors hear better. More importantly, we help them communicate and connect with the other great people of our city. If you really want to know what we are about, ask any of the 1,000+ people in the community who are communicating better with their loved ones because we are a part of their lives. However, if you'd like a little background on the company, feel free to read on...

Our History

Our practice has operated under a few different names locally over the years. There’s a good reason, and a good story, to go along with it.

Dusty Potter is a second generation Board Certified Hearing Instrument Specialist with over 20 years of experience in the field. He carries two hearing aid related patents. Also, he is the former President of the Texas Hearing Aid Association and the longest serving board member in its’ 25 year history. Dusty has also employed and trained numerous Hearing Aid Specialists and Audiologists over the years. Because of this, he is well regarded as an expert by hearing instrument manufacturers and industry peers alike.

After managing a large company called Hearing Aid Express for  years, Dusty came back home to Wichita Falls to start his own practice under the name Ear Level Communications. Immediately, Ear Level experienced fast growth over the first 8 years it was in business, and grew to the point that Dusty was able to acquire his old employer, Hearing Aid Express.

Because Hearing Aid Express was a big company, operating statewide under one name made the most sense. Therefore, the local practice in Wichita Falls was rebranded as Hearing Aid Express.

Wichita Falls Hearing Logo

A Change of Approach

Then, in 2020, Dusty decided to switch his focus back home. Hearing Aid Express still operates statewide in other markets under a new owner. Dusty has changed his business to serve Wichita Falls. Now that he has reached a point in his career where he no longer wants to travel regularly, or employ large numbers of people. Dusty has made the decision to focus on excellent care and technology for the people of the Wichita Falls area. Because of this, we serve our town with a true focus on our neighbors and being an active part of the community we care about.

This is the focus of a new practice and a new way of operating.

This is the foundation of Wichita Falls Hearing.

Dusty Potter and Donovan Hickman of Wichita Falls Hearing

A Partnership is Forged

Our local expert hearing instrument specialist, Donovan Hickman, has grown in ability and skill. Because of this, it is time for him to take on a larger role in the practice. Dusty has entered a partnership with Donovan to create an unmatched level of experience and service to people with hearing issues in Wichita Falls.

As you can see, the rich history of Wichita Falls Hearing makes us the number one resource in the area for hearing aids. Assistive technology, hearing testing, and hearing protection are also offered. Our dedication to improving the hearing of our patients is matched only by our dedication to improving our community. The changes in our name over the last few years are not a result of change of ownership. They are because of the growth of our practice. Our focus is improving the lives of those around us by helping our community hear.

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