Why Musicians Should Purchase Ear Protection

Close up of a blue guitar in an open case.

Living like a rock star and playing music is a prized dream. However, living such a lifestyle can result in damage to your hearing if you aren’t careful. Using ear protection as a musician can be a great way to protect your hearing and elongate your music career. Once you know all the reasons why […]

The Most Frequent Mistakes New Hearing Aid Owners Make

Woman holding her hand to her ear.

Hearing aids are a valuable accessory for those with hearing difficulties. However, if you’re new to hearing aids, there are some common mistakes new owners make that reduce the durability of their devices and limit their options. Understanding how to use hearing aids properly can improve your auditory experience, as well as heighten your quality […]

Getting Your Hearing Tested Annually: Why It’s So Important

A hearing care specialist using a medical device to examine a patients ear.

If you are like most people, you probably know how important it is to have an eye care exam at least once every other year, if not annually. What you probably don’t know is that you need to have your hearing checked regularly. This is especially true if you are middle-aged or older. At Wichita […]

Real Ear Measurement: What Is It and How Does It Help Hearing Aid Fittings?

Close up of a man’s left ear fitted with a real ear measurement probe microphone.

The goal of hearing aid fittings is to ensure you can hear more clearly. Since everyone’s ears are different, the acoustic demands of each person vary from individual to individual. In fact, the same person can have two very differently shaped ear canals. In addition, your ears also hear differently! The right ear is typically […]

Does Hearing Loss Affect Cognitive Decline in Adults?

Close up of an older man wearing glasses and an electronic hearing aid.

Hearing loss can be extremely frustrating both for those suffering from it as well as their loved ones. However, it appears to be a common effect of aging, with 40–50% of adults over 65 years having some sort of hearing impairment, with the number rising to 83% for adults above 70. This number makes hearing […]

Everything You Need to Know About Tinnitus

Headshot of a woman suffering from Tinnitus, isolated over a gray background.

Do your ears constantly ring or hum? Do you experience phantom sounds that aren’t actually there? If the answer is yes, then you know exactly how awkward and annoying the sensation can be. You likely ignore the buzzing sound coming from deep within your ear canal the first time it happens and go about your […]

Does Golf Affect Hearing?


Hearing loss is a common problem for older people. But new research says that it can happen to people at a younger age, too. Hearing impairment often happens over time because of being exposed to really loud noises. But sudden, sharp, high-pitched noises can also damage hearing. These damages may happen because of big events […]

The Importance of Hearing With Both Ears

Hearing With Both Ear- Wichita Falls Hearing- Hearing Aids and Hearing Care in Wichita Fall, Vernon, and Graham Texas

Different Types Of Loss People have hearing problems that manifest in different ways. Some people might only have trouble hearing from one ear, but others might have hearing problems that affect both ears. This is because when someone has a problem with one ear, they sometimes also have a problem with the other ear as […]

5 Common Tinnitus Myths

5 Common Tinnitus Myths- how many have you heard?

Tinnitus affects many people each year making them feel frustrated and sometimes even hopeless about a solution, often due to lack of understanding about its true nature. This article aims at correcting some common myths about this condition by providing accurate information on how Tinnitus develops for those living with it, outlining possible treatments available […]

The Value of Custom Hearing Aids in a One Size Fits All World

The Value of CUstom Hearing AIds in a one size fits all world

Custom Hearing Aids at WIchita Falls Hearing: If you’ve been to a hearing care provider recently, whether it be an audiologist, hearing instrument specialist, or anyone else, you might be under the impression that custom made hearing instruments are out of style, or no longer used in today’s world.  The dominant style of hearing aid […]