Hear with John, Episode 3

In this episode, John talks about his new hearing aids. You probably remember him as a weather man on the local news and radio stations for years. He has been involved in all sorts of community activities including playing drums all over town.

John reached out to talk with us about his hearing just a little while ago.  He has ringing in the ears, a family history of hearing loss, years of exposure as a drummer, and was generally noticing that he’s been having trouble understanding people in noisy environments and at distance. John had an evaluation done by our own Donovan Hickman, and afterward was fit with an advanced set of wireless, rechargeable ReSound One™ hearing aids.

John continues to work, play and keep the beat in Wichita Falls. He’s surprised by how natural it feels hearing things better now that he’s had hearing aids for a couple of weeks!

“I guess you could say my hearing aids and I have become besties” John says.

Check out our feature website, Hear With John for more episodes and updates.

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