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Introducing “Hear With John”

If you’re from Wichita Falls, you probably know John Cameron.

John brought us the weather in the area for years on TV and on the radio. He danced in the local Dancing for the Stars event, has been involved in the HHH bike ride, and has played all over town as an accomplished drummer.

A few weeks ago, John reached out to talk to us about his hearing. He has persistent ringing in his ears, a family history of hearing loss, years of noise exposure as a drummer, and has generally noticed that he’s been having trouble understanding people in noisy environments and at a distance.

As I was talking to John, this seemed like a great opportunity. I’ve always wanted to follow the journey of someone who is being fit with a hearing aid for the first time. I wanted to document what it was like for them to go through the process, so that other people could understand how comfortable, rewarding, and overall life changing treating a hearing loss can be.

So, we’ll be following John’s story on the new feature website, www.hearwithjohn.com 

Click on over to follow John’s hearing journey. It will be a lot of fun, and it will teach you what it’s like to have Wichita Falls Hearing as your partner at your side in your journey to better hearing.

After all, we’re HERE to help Texoma HEAR .

See you soon,


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