Introducing Phonak Audeo Lumity

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With features such as an advanced sound processing system, rechargeability function, and upgraded compatibility for smartphones, the Audeo Lumity is Phonak’s most advanced hearing aid to date.

Offering optimized recharging and an enriched hands-free experience, the Lumity will use auto-detection to determine the best programming settings based upon your surroundings. This elevates your listening experience in the environments you encounter the most.

You no longer have to struggle to hear the television or phone calls, as the Lumity hearing aids will optimize your ability to hear in any situation, by differentiating between streaming inputs and actual speech. They will also automatically sync with your television, phone, and other listening devices via Bluetooth.

The 3 models of the Audeo Lumity:

  • Audeo Lumity R — the standard rechargeable model. ‍
  • Audeo Lumity RT — similar to the above but with the addition of a telecoil.‍
  • Audeo Lumity RL — A.K.A. Audeo Life, this model features health tracking capabilities and is waterproof.

Phonak ActiveVent is also available

As the first smart receiver of its kind in the world, Phonak ActiveVent helps you experience ALL sounds as best as possible. You’ll no longer have to change out your domes/earmolds in order to achieve better bass sounds by trapping low frequencies.

Using the ActiveVent Receivers will allow Phonak Lumity wearers to experience the best of both worlds by staying open when they need greater voice intelligibility, and closing when they need better quality for streaming music. ActiveVent can also help users achieve up to 10% greater understanding of speech, according to a field study.

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The Lumity hearing aids feature a number of improvements such as:

  • AutoSense OS 5.0
  • StereoZoom 2.0
  • A fully rechargeable lineup
  • A telecoil option
  • A waterproof option (Audeo Life)
  • Health tracking option (Audeo Life)
  • myPhonak smartphone app
  • The Phonak ActiveVent receiver
  • Compatibility with Roger

Phonak states that “the improvements in Lumity result in a 3.4 dB improvement in speech-to-noise ratio, and a 15% increase in speech understanding when someone is speaking from the side or from behind”.

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