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ReSound Enzo Q

So much more than just powerful

Meet a complete hearing solution that goes beyond powerful

ReSound ENZO Q, our newest hearing aid for severe hearing loss and profound hearing loss, is created with the most advanced technology yet so you can enjoy clear and comfortable sound, plus extensive connectivity and support. As clarity of sounds is highly important, you can personalize your hearing experience to suit your preferences. Feel comfortable knowing that there won’t be whistling or squealing noises even when your hearing aid volume is ramped up.

60% improvement in recognizing speech from in front of you in noisy environments*

It takes effort and energy trying to hear in noisy places. Hear better in noise with ReSound ENZO Q, which cleverly supports the way you like to listen without cutting you off from your surroundings. Follow group conversations and hear where sounds are coming from all around you, while focusing on speech and other sound details.

Research shows that people with severe-to-profound hearing loss experience a 60% average improvement in recognizing speech from in front of them in noisy places with our technology.

* Benefit of directional microphone compared to omnidirectional microphone (data on file)

Fully personalizable to you

You set the pace with ReSound ENZO Q hearing aids. They automatically adjust to your sound environment, but you can personalize the details of your hearing experience even further with the ReSound Smart 3D™ app, directly from your phone.

The app places real-time control right at your fingertips. Swipe and select a range of programs and optimize sounds, such as speech focus and noise reduction, to suit your current location.

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