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5 Common Tinnitus Myths

5 Common Tinnitus Myths- how many have you heard?

Tinnitus affects many people each year making them feel frustrated and sometimes even hopeless about a solution, often due to lack of understanding about its true nature. This article aims at correcting some common myths about this condition by providing accurate information on how Tinnitus develops for those living with it, outlining possible treatments available today that may provide relief.

Tinnitus is a ringing, hissing, buzzing or whistling sensation that people can hear in their ears without the presence of external stimuli. The extent of Tinnitus ranges from mild to severe roaring sensations and it’s important not to confuse this with temporary stress or fatigue-induced tinnitus which doesn’t typically warrant treatment.

 1.Tinnitus occurs when you are exposed to loud sounds or go to a very loud place.

It is true that Tinnitus can be caused by loud noises. But it can also happen for no reason at all. It does not matter who you are or what your age is, you could get it too.

2. Tinnitus will go away all on its own for everyone

People with Tinnitus often feel embarrassed or scared to tell someone about it and may delay or avoid seeking help. Some Tinnitus is caused by certain medicines, temporary conditions like infection, or other things that go away if someone modifies their behavior or medication regimen. However, other people have Tinnitus that is chronic in nature, and needs to be treated by a professional.

3. If you don’t eat certain foods, like sugar, salt, or chocolate, then your Tinnitus will be cured.

Some people may say that the best cure for Tinnitus is through nutrition. But, research suggests that no one type of food item can cause Tinnitus. Instead, you should eat a healthy diet with a balance of nutritious foods and exercise, which may help manage it or reduce the severity.

4. There are no solutions for Tinnitus

While there have been many versions of “snake oil” like supplements, and many scammers out in the world looking to make a quick buck from tinnitus sufferers, not all treatments are ineffective.  With advancements in technology and treatment methods, the research appears clear that those who seek help often get it. Solutions can range from simple masking sounds from a speaker used while sleeping, to custom made solutions that combine Tinnitus relief with treatment for hearing loss, to behavioral therapies that can address the emotional and mental aspects of Tinnitus. However, if anyone tells you the solution is in the form of a supplement, we would advise you just save your money.

5. Tinnitus is a disease that no one can cure

Tinnitus is a symptom, not a disease. It’s the result of some other underlying problem that can be caused by many things from medication to neurological damage and more. Untreated Tinnitus has been found to cause anxiety, depression, stress and impairments in cognitive abilities- but luckily, research shows that most people who seek relief are able to find it.

If you have any questions about Tinnitus, we’d be happy to consult with you about it for free to determine if treatment may be appropriate for you.

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