Wichita Falls Hearing Brings New Life To Non-Functioning Hearing Aids With The Redux Drying System

For people with hearing aids, the fear of having a device stop working due to moisture build-up is all too real. But now, Wichita Falls Hearing has introduced a revolutionary new technology that could be a game-changer for hearing aid wearers. Introducing the Redux Drying System, which promises to bring many non-functioning hearing aids back to life in no time at all!

About Wichita Falls Hearing

If you or a loved one struggles with hearing loss, you may feel frustrated, left out, and even anxious. However, there is hope! With the help of the Redux Drying System, Wichita Falls Hearing can bring new life to your non-functioning hearing aids and help you restore your quality of life.

The Redux system is a simple, yet effective way to clean and dry your hearing aids. By using warm air and a gentle vacuum, the Redux system removes moisture from your hearing aids without damaging them. In just minutes, your hearing aids will be dried, clean, and ready to use!

If you’re interested in learning more about how Wichita Falls Hearing can help you or a loved one with hearing loss, please call us today at 833-999-1940. We would be happy to answer any of your questions and schedule a free consultation.

What is the Redux Drying System?

The Redux Drying System is a new, FDA-cleared hearing aid drying system that can be used to clean and dry hearing aids. The system uses a unique, patented drying process that removes moisture from the hearing aid without damaging it. The system also features a built-in UV light that kills bacteria and fungi, helping to keep hearing aids clean and free of infection.

How Does The Redux System Work?

The Redux system uses a unique drying process that helps to restore non-functioning hearing aids. The system works by using a series of small, powerful fans to force air through the hearing aid, which helps to remove moisture and other contaminants. The process is effective and safe for use on all types of hearing aids, and can help to prolong the life of your hearing aid.

Types of Hearing Aids That Can Be Repaired With The Redux System

If your hearing aid is no longer working properly, it may be time to consider allowing us to remove the moisture in the instrument with the Redux Drying System. The Redux Drying System is a new technology that can restore non-functioning hearing aids to like-new condition. This system uses a patented drying process that removes moisture from the hearing aid, allowing it to function properly again.

There are many different types of hearing aids that can be repaired with the Redux Drying System, including:

• In-the-ear (ITE) hearing aids

• Behind-the-ear (BTE) hearing aids

• Receiver-in-canal (RIC) hearing aids

• Body-worn hearing aids

If you have a hearing aid that is no longer working, contact Wichita Falls Hearing today to see if the Redux Drying System can help.

Case Studies

If your hearing aids have stopped working, it may be time to try the Redux Drying System. This unique system can help to restore non-functioning hearing aids to like-new condition.

The Redux Drying System uses a gentle heating process to remove moisture from the hearing aid, which can then be reused. This is a great option for those who cannot afford to replace their hearing aids or who do not have insurance coverage for a new pair.

To learn more about how the Redux Drying System works, check out these case studies:

Case Study 1:

Mildred is an 82-year-old woman who has used hearing aids for the past 20 years. Recently, her hearing aids stopped working and she was unable to hear properly. After trying the Redux Drying System, her hearing aids were restored to working condition and she was able to hear clearly once again.

Case Study 2:

John is a 38-year-old man who has had hearing loss for several years. He was using two different types of hearing aids, but both pairs stopped working at the same time. After trying the Redux Drying System on both pairs of hearing aids, John was able to use them again and his hearing was greatly improved.


Wichita Falls Hearing is the first to offer the Redux Drying System, which can bring new life to non-functioning hearing aids. This revolutionary technology uses a combination of heated air and dry nitrogen gas to revitalize damaged hearing aid components and restore them to like-new condition. Not only does it help extend the lifespan of your hearing aids, but also helps you avoid costly repair bills or replacements. If you are in need of new hearing aids or have some that may be beyond repair, Wichita Falls Hearing has you covered with their Redux Drying System!

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