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Water-based activities or being surrounded by water can be enjoyable, but not for people with hearing loss. If you wear hearing aids, water-oriented activities can be quite risky. However, hearing loss should not stop you from enjoying water-centric activities. You should have the right hearing solution suited to your lifestyle so you can keep doing your favorite activities. The Phonak Audéo Life hearing aid can be a great choice. It can give you peace of mind and help you enjoy every moment, be it working out at a gym, walking on a beach, or even swimming.

Want to know more about the Phonak Audéo Life hearing aid before buying it? Here, you will get to learn everything about this hearing aid. Let’s dive in.

What Makes Phonak Audéo Life Hearing Aid Different?

The Phonak Audéo Life hearing aid was mainly created to mix the clear natural sound of Audéo Paradise with a durable housing, which is built to tolerate harsh environments such as humidity, sweat from physical activities and heat, pool water, and seawater, which hearing aid wearers tend to face regularly.

So how is Phone Audeo Life different from a standard hearing aid? Audeo Life is moisture-resistant and has the following distinguishing features:

  • Extra rear protection over the rear microphone for protection against direct water pressure.
  • Silicone seals are included behind the housing seams, locking pins, and receiver pots.
  • A pinless receiver further decreases the number of open points in the housing and doesn’t require a tool to replace the receiver.
  • Inductive charging eradicates the requirement for titanium posts in the hearing aid and decreases the number of housing openings.
  • Coating of the rechargeable battery and internal module with a thin layer of parylene, a flexible plastic polymer usually used to protect critical electronic equipment from severe damage caused due to corrosion and moisture in a hospitable ambiance.

Immersion Testing With Phonak Audéo Life Hearing Aid

Designing a sturdy hearing aid was the starting point. Then, a battery of extra tests beyond IP68 were conducted to prove that the Phonak Audéo Life hearing aid can tolerate harsher weather conditions. Researchers conducted depth tests in sea and pool waters with Phonak Audéo Life hearing aids. They positioned the hearing aids in two climate-operated chambers—one full of seawater to simulate diving into the ocean and another one full of chlorinated water to simulate getting submerged inside a pool.

Key Benefits of Phonak Audéo Life Hearing Aid

Audéo Life can be the perfect hearing aid as it combines Phonak Paradise technology with convenience to help people in everyday situations. Here are the key benefits of the Phonak Audéo Life hearing aid:

Water-Resistant and Water-Compatible

The Phonak Audéo Life hearing aid is resistant to humidity, heat, sweat, and heat, which helps a technological device function smoothly. Hearing aids inserted into your moist and narrow ear canal or positioned behind your ear stay attached when you walk in the sun or sudden rain because of IP68 protection, the maximum level of protection of a hearing aid.

Phonak Audéo Life hearing aids meet the minimum IP68 certification and ensure that this hearing aid exceeds this minimum limit, which makes them impenetrable. Audéo Life has tolerated over five hundred immersions in water when testing performance..tance to dives in both saltwater and chlorine-filled pool water.

 A Swimmer

Impenetrable Design

Audéo Life has extra protection on all four of its microphone ports and joints, sealed with Gore-Tex silicone. The internal circuits of this hearing aid are coated with parylene. Plus, the earpiece is no longer adjusted with a pin but sticks to the hearing aid via a pressure system with no incisions. The charge has stopped being passed via contacts on the hearing aid’s base to the induction charging process with a lithium battery. Now the hearing aid’s base is completely smooth, which creates a seamless pattern without breaks.

When you wear Phonak’s new Audéo Life, you can live life to the fullest without worrying about wearing something when in the shower, in the pool, it’s raining, or on the beach. The new Case Go charger contains a battery bank, which helps you to fully recharge your hearing aids up to three times without plugging them into your ears. Thus, you can take the hearing wherever you want for days.

Phonak Audéo Life Hearing Aid Test for Waterproofing

Numerous hearing aids, including the Phonak ones, are promoted as “water-resistant.” There are, as such, no industry standards for what the terms “water resistant” and “waterproof” mean in terms of real-world performance. Hearing aids are assigned an Ingress Protection code or IP rating to offer the level of protection hearing aids have against moisture and debris.

The first digit shows protection against dust and debris intrusion. It can range from 0 (no protection) to 6 (full dust protection). The second digit reflects protection from water intrusion and can range from 0 (no protection) to 9 (can tolerate direct spray of high-pressure and high-temperature industrial water jets from different angles). Nowadays, most hearing aids have an IP68 rating, which indicates full protection from dust and debris and survival in a specific depth of water for a certain number of minutes as defined by the manufacturer. Phonak hearing aids of one meter (3.28 feet) can survive in freshwater for 60 minutes with the hearing aid still functioning once removed from the water.

So, that’s all you needed to know about Phonak Audéo Life hearing aids before using them. As it is waterproof and sweatproof, you can do all water-based activities, such as kayaking and swimming, every day at any age. Wearing this hearing aid when participating in water-oriented activities gives your ears the ultimate protection against water intrusion. A waterproof hearing device gives you peace of mind during swimming or any water-based activity if you are suffering from hearing loss. Phonak Audéo Life hearing aids give you relief from water, sweat, humidity, and heat. Plus, you can hear better after wearing it because of the Phonak technology. If you want to get rid of even the least amount of stress with a waterproof and water-compatible hearing aid, you should get it right away.

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