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The Phonak Paradise Hearing Aid- Review and First Impressions

Phonak Paradise

The new top of the line instrument in the Phonak portfolio is a real powerhouse.

By Donovan Hickman

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Technology sure changes fast these days…

and hearing aid tech is no different. It seems new hearing aid models and innovations are being released around every corner.

It can be hard to know which one is the right fit for you because your hearing is unique, and no one will ever experience what it is like to hear the way you do. With advances in technology, improvements are coming fast.

And this is great– because the best hearing aid for you is one that easily integrates into your lifestyle and will address your specific and individual needs.

Since there are so many options out there and it’s hard to know which one is best for you, I wanted to outline a few of the newest models available and highlight some of their strengths.

Welcome to Paradise.

Phonak has a rich history of cutting-edge advancements in hearing aid technology and their popularity among professionals and consumers is a testament to their quality, features, and corrective benefits. The newest addition to their product lineup, Audéo Paradise, takes the best features from their previous line, the Audéo Marvel, and builds upon them. Phonak has taken the direction of open connectivity and integration into the world of wireless tech in such a way that they have blurred the lines between hearing aids and wearables.  With their new PRISM processing chip and tri-axial accelerometer motion sensing chip, they have doubled the memory of the Marvel line (more features and faster processing) and added motion sensor hearing (processor steered directionality and noise reduction based on the users movements while on the go in dynamic environments).  And with their flexible Bluetooth abilities, tap control, smart phone app features, and well-rounded set of wireless accessories, Phonak has given the hearing aid user the hearing correction they know and love with wireless integration and connectivity unmatched in the industry.

First Impressions

While not much has changed on the surface (Paradise, like it’s predecessor Marvel, has a sleek look, easy to use push buttons, and a simple charging dock for the rechargeable models) a look under the hood reveals dramatic changes in processing power, noise reduction, and approach to directional listening and spatial processing. Phonak’s AutoSense OS 4.0 along with the new Adaptive Phonak Digital 2.0 (APD 2.0) proprietary fitting formula create a system of dynamic and automatic adjustments which are just as adept at helping listeners hear the softest voices in quiet environments as they are at helping the wearer hear speech signals in the most demanding and noisy situations.  APD 2.0 is designed to balance the audibility of soft sounds, naturally regulate loud sounds, and ensure the best sound quality in all situations. AutoSense 4.0, developed with artificial intelligence, is able to determine the best possible mix of sound management features, correction, dynamic noise cancellation, and motion sensor hearing. These two features work in harmony to support a listener’s needs in any environment and give them the peace of mind that they will hear what they want to hear when they need to hear it.

Auto Sense 4.0- Intelligent Sound Management

The two big sound management additions within AutoSense 4.0 are dynamic noise cancellation and motion sensor hearing. You may have heard of noise cancelling headphones, Bose and Apple are just two of the high profile companies that utilize this type of technology in their consumer listening devices. Phonak’s engineers have incorporated this into their operating system to automatically activate when traditional noise management features will not suffice. Moreover, dynamic noise cancellation can manually be adjusted within Phonak’s MyPhonak 4.0 app. Motion sensor hearing is a feature that is driven by a dedicated tri-axial accelerometer motion-sensing chip. In Phonak’s words, “The new Motion Sensor Hearing feature works together with AutoSense OS 4.0 to detect if the patient is stationary or moving, and determines the noise level of the surrounding environment. Once the activity and noise level are determined, it automatically and seamlessly steers the microphone mode and Dynamic Noise Cancellation settings.”

Impressive Connectivity

Wireless connectivity has become so commonplace in our daily lives that we often take it for granted. It’s in our cars, our phones, TV’s, doorbells, remote controls, wearables, keyboards, baby monitors, and the list goes on and on. Wireless connectivity has also become integral in the hearing aid industry and Phonak has the most flexibility in the industry. Phonak Audéo Paradise provides direct connectivity to iOS and Android smartphones, Bluetooth devices, TVs, Roger microphones and Phonak wireless accessories so you can stream audio in brilliant quality directly to your hearing aids. Plus, you can pair up to eight devices and be actively connected to two simultaneously.  This allows you to switch to a phone call on your smart phone while streaming YouTube videos from your tablet or answer your smart doorbell while streaming audio from your Bluetooth TV.  With Phonak’s network of wireless accessories and their universal Bluetooth connectivity abilities, Audéo Paradise will settle in nicely within your wireless interconnected lifestyle.

Control At Your Fingertips

With Phonak Audéo Paradise, if it’s control you want, then control you have. With Phonak’s MyPhonak App 4.0, deep control is at your fingertips. The app is packed with enhanced user controls and can also connect patients to their hearing care professionals for virtual support when adjustments are needed. Features like equalization, dynamic noise control, directionality, and volume are just some of the features which users have control over. Tap control is one of the features which users of wearables will be familiar with. Instead of pressing a button or opening an app on your phone, you can answer a call, pause/resume streaming, or access a smartphone’s voice assistant just by tapping on your ear near the hearing aid. With Paradise, control has never been easier.

In Conclusion…

Phonak has set their sights on seamless integration into the users everyday lifestyle no matter how interconnected or active they may be. Features that track and adjust for the users movements and surrounding noise levels as well as 2.4 GHz and Bluetooth connectivity to a myriad of wireless devices yields a powerful hearing device. Phonak Audéo Paradise is unrivaled in it’s ability to keep the wearer engaged and involved with their surroundings and the people that matter most to them.

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