Everything You Need to Know About Phonak Audéo Life Hearing Aids

A Hearing Test

Water-based activities or being surrounded by water can be enjoyable, but not for people with hearing loss. If you wear hearing aids, water-oriented activities can be quite risky. However, hearing loss should not stop you from enjoying water-centric activities. You should have the right hearing solution suited to your lifestyle so you can keep doing […]

Hear with John, Episode 3

In this episode, John talks about his new hearing aids. You probably remember him as a weather man on the local news and radio stations for years. He has been involved in all sorts of community activities including playing drums all over town. John reached out to talk with us about his hearing just a […]

How Hearing Loss Impacts Quality of Life

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Hearing Loss Information at Wichita Falls Hearing: Hearing loss is a more common problem than many people think. In fact, it’s estimated that at least one in four people over the age of 65 experience some degree of hearing loss. For the grand majority of people with hearing loss, it can be treated effectively with […]